Oh, Corfu

Some snapshots of our recent trip to Corfu.

We stayed at the Nissaki Beach Hotel in northern Corfu.

Benji Knewman: Life that you can read

I got my copy of Benji Knewman magazine as part of my Stack subscription (if you love magazines and are 100% done with all of the high street editions, you need to check out Stack).
I think it was October or November that it arrived but I’ve been putting it off until now because it is mammoth. If only I had opened it and realised that it is bilingual English-Latvian, thereby halving the amount I thought I had to read, then I probably would have started it long ago.

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This Morning

Sat in the house with the rain thundering down.

Should have been in work two hours ago.

Someone smashed my car window open overnight.

Clearly the police are very busy this morning.

Car is left open in the pouring rain, glovebox still open with my belongings hanging out

I’m not allowed to touch it.

Keep your thieving hands out of my car. Please.

Needed: an armchair

An old armchair.
Wide enough that I can curl my legs up and sit in it sideways.
With arms and a back big and squishy enough that I can sit in it for hours.

In a quiet room.
No television to interrupt me.
No roads outside. Maybe some trees with happy birds.
Plenty of light. And a small lamp beside me for those early evenings.

A table on which to rest my tea.

And a big window behind me where the sun pours through.
Sun that lights up the room,
Coming through the window until the very last moment.
Sun that warms my skin and keeps me cosy.

And a book.


Crime & Thrillers by L. Sourbutts

A Creaky Stair in the Night


The Lane in the Daytime: A truck is going to kill us, I know it is. Can you hear that?!
Spoiler: they reach the end without seeing a single car, truck or cyclist

Steep slopes near a small cliff – the windy edition


The Missing Paperwork: OHMYFUCKIT’SGONE

Books by Lauren Sourbutts

Life as a Straight, White Woman

My Boyfriend Makes all my Meals!

My Struggle: Getting a Degree and a Great Job
Subtitle: A White Woman’s Struggle

Other Women Won’t Talk to Me (A Tragedy)

Writing Dramas When You Love Your Life: How Not To

My, I, My My My My: Vanity

Vol 1: Waxing my top lip & shaving my back – a memoir
(I don’t shave my back. Can I get a break?!)

Vol 2: Waxing my top lip and occasionally shaving the bottom half of my legs

Vol 3: Using hair removal cream on my top lip and occasionally shaving the bottom half of my legs – the story of a brave and unique woman.

Right. That’s it.

A Desk Poem

My arms are twitching
so I’m writing
False lists
to stop me from pulling
-> out my curls

There are no real
lists to write
I forgot all that I was
meant to do.

Except for… except for…
I won’t say exercise
I’ll try harder to
forget that one.