NEW WAVE: Caitlin Moran: The Mayonnaise To My Feminist Chips

BEHIND every good feminist is a powerful inspiration. The mayonnaise to my feminist chips is the modern day activist Caitlin Moran

In the 70s they had The Female Eunuch (tellingly, still very relevant today) and now in 2013 we have How To Be a Woman.

Documenting her life from a young age to present day, Moran takes on the issues faced by a 21st-century Western woman and gives them her feminist perspective.

That is not to say that throughout the text she decries bras and renounces men. How To Be a Woman does what a modern feminist text should do — examine the sexism inherent to our society and point out how absurd it all is along with cutting out the lies told to us by poor-quality media and telling the life of a woman as it really is — tiny underpants, painful shoes and childbirth included.

Though I know of many people who have a list of Moran’s misdemeanours, which they seem to willingly whip out of their pocket at the mention of her name, I feel that they’re pretty much missing the point.

In 2013, when only one in five Global Parliamentarians are female, a feminist icon needn’t be perfect, she simply needs to exist. To me, Moran’s charm lies in her faults. She’s real and she is honest.

Very few people in the public eye can say they have never made a comment which wasn’t quite politically correct, and that is what I love about Moran — I’m not sure many everyday people can make that claim either.

In as modest a sense as possible, she reminds me of myself, which encourages me to think that though I may not be perfect or throwing myself under the king’s horse I am still capable of tackling sexism and maybe one day making a small difference.

Published in the Llanelli Star

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